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How To Create a Michael Jackson Costume For Halloween

Be the King of Pop on Halloween with any one of these iconic looks.


  • TIP: Get a few friends to dress in an identical manner as your back-up singers.
  • Step 1: Keep it simple with the look Michael wore to the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards: All you need is a black suit jacket with a thick white armband wrapped around your bicep, matching black pants that end just above the ankle, a white dress shirt, a skinny black tie, white dress socks, and black penny loafers.
  • Step 2: Mimic Michael's "Bad" look: Start with a black or vinyl motorcycle jacket and sew two black buckles over one shoulder, as well as around the cuffs, above the elbows, and around the collar. Team with skintight black jeans and black buckled shoes.
  • Step 3: To represent Michael Jackson circa 2004, wear a white suit jacket with a gold armband; a white dress shirt with gold buttons, buttoned to your neck; white dress pants, and white shoes. Ask a (preferably burly) friend to go as your bodyguard: All they have to do is wear a black suit with a white shirt, and hold a black umbrella over you.
  • FACT: Michael Jackson's famous white gloves were made of spandex and covered with clear loch rosen Swarovski crystals that were hand-sewn on with white thread.
  • Step 4: Be a "Smooth Criminal": Wear a light-colored pin-striped suit with matching tie, a dark shirt, suspenders, dress shoes, an armband, and a fedora.
  • Step 5: Look like Michael did when he debuted the moonwalk in 1983: A blue sequined shirt, black sequined jacket, cropped blank pants, sparkly white socks, black penny loafers, and a white glove.
  • TIP: All of Michael Jackson's stage pants ended above the ankle so the audience could see his fancy footwork.
  • Step 6: Beat everyone else's costume with an outfit inspired by Michael's 1982 video, "Beat It": Top a blue, pink, and gray t-shirt with a red leather or vinyl jacket. Glue 5-inch zippers on the front and sleeves of the jacket, and sew gold lame diamond-shaped patches just below the shoulders on each side. Wear the sleeves pushed up to your elbows.
  • Step 7: Mimic Michael's military look: Cover a cropped, double-breasted jacket with blue sequins, and add gold epaulets, gold embroidery on the sleeves, and a gold sash. Wear with navy blue dress pants, a white tuxedo shirt, a white sequined glove, and oversized aviator sunglasses.
  • Step 8: Tell everyone that "Billie Jean" is not your lover while wearing a black leather or vinyl suit with a pale pink dress shirt, red bow tie, pale pink dress socks, and white shoes.
  • Step 9: Thrill everyone with Michael's "Thriller" look: Take a red leather or vinyl jacket, sew in shoulder pads, and use black duct tape to line the waistband and to make an angled stripe on each side to form a V. Team with tight red jeans or pants, white socks, and black penny loafers.

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