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How To Cue a Record

Cueing the exact location of a song break's first note is an essential lesson for beginning DJs. The slip-cue method was invented by a New York club DJ as a seamless way to cue records back-to-back.


  • Step 1: Press the Stop button on the turntable, leaving the needle right before the song's first note. Listen to the repetitive beat of turntable two's record.
  • Step 2: Start turntable one, keeping your finger on the record to stop it while the turntable spins. Let go of record one at the right beat of record two.
  • Step 3: Practice cueing record one to match the beat of record two. Beginning DJs will either release the cued record too soon or too late, but you won't be mistaken for a newbie if you keep practicing.
  • FACT: Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" was the first hip-hop single to ever hit #1 on the Billboard chart.
  • Step 4: Put your finger on the record and turn it back past the beginning of the first note. Slowly wind the record forward until you hear the first note in your headphones.
  • Step 5: Set the needle down on turntable one's record near the song's beginning note. Play the song.
  • TIP: Slip mats, usually made of felt, allow a DJ to hold a record still while the turntable keeps spinning.
  • Step 6: Play a record with a strong repetitive beat on turntable two. Use headphones to listen to the record that you'll be cueing on turntable one.
  • TIP: Buy direct-drive turntables because they'll last longer than belt drive turntables under the wear and tear of slip-cueing.
  • Step 7: Remove both turntables' rubber mats and replace them with slip mats to protect the turntables from damages caused by manual record manipulation.

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