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How To Cut Hair in Layers

Layered haircuts are among the most popular and versatile styles available. This cut never goes out of style.


  • Step 1: Comb some of the cut hair from the previous section, and hair from an uncut section toward you in between your fingers. Compare the lengths to make the next cut. Match the side sections against the bangs to be sure they are roughly the same length.
  • Step 2: Keep sectioning your hair, an inch-wide piece at a time, and snipping straight across each new layer, all the way to the back of your head. Then touch up any remaining spots and style your new, layered hair.
  • FACT: As of 2009, there were 773,000 hairdressers, stylists and cosmetologists in the U.S.
  • Step 3: Section again, this time separating the hair in a line running across the top of your head from ear to ear. Comb the front half forward, and the rest of the hair back to keep it out of the way.
  • TIP: Keep wetting the hair as you go. Dry hair can dull your scissors and your cut.
  • Step 4: Cut the hair across at the tip or bridge of your nose, and continue for the width to the outside of your eyes.
  • Step 5: Draw up this section and hold it between your index and middle fingers. Snip the ends to ensure a straight line. Use this length as your guide for the rest of the cuts.
  • Step 6: Pull up and section the sides of your hair and measure them against the bang line. Cut straight across and let the hair fall into layers at the sides.
  • Step 7: Shampoo and towel-dry your hair. Comb your hair straight back and section off the front, as if you were going to cut bangs.

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