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How To Dance the Bachata

The Bachata is a Latin dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. Hold your partner close and move to the rhythm of the music.


  • TIP: You can also go forward and back instead of side to side to vary movement.
  • Step 1: Feel the rhythm of the music as you move so your hips sway naturally and you’re not counting the steps.
  • Step 2: Grab your partner, get close, and move together. Your partner should mirror your movements.
  • FACT: Jose Manuel Calderon recorded the first Bachata single in 1961 in the Dominican Republic.
  • Step 3: Move to the right and repeat the movements. The pattern is, step right, left, right, then lift your right hip and tap or lift your left foot.
  • Step 4: Lift your left hip and raise the heel of your right foot on the fourth beat. The pattern is, step left, right, left, then lift your left hip and either tap or lift your right foot.
  • TIP: Bachata music can be purchased at any store selling Latin music.
  • Step 5: Listen to the music and count along – one, two, three, four – to the rhythm as it plays.
  • Step 6: Step horizontally with your left foot. Then bring your right foot to your left and step horizontally with your left again. Count “one, two, three” as you move.
  • Step 7: Play Bachata music to get comfortable with the rhythm. The guitar is the heart of bachata music.

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