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How To Dance the Merengue

The merengue is a fun, easy-to-learn Latin dance. With these steps you will merengue the night away.


  • Step 1: Shift your weight from one side to the other as you move your hips in time to the music for a more natural flow.
  • Step 2: Add turns to your dance; almost any turns are acceptable in merengue. Turns liven the dance.
  • FACT: Merengue originated in the Dominican Republic and is a combination of dances from Africa and France.
  • TIP: The hip movement is the most important part of the merengue.
  • Step 3: Move your hips as you step to the right and left. The hip motion comes from alternately bending and straightening the knees.
  • TIP: Merengue music can be purchased at any store selling Latin music.
  • Step 4: Stand opposite your partner. If leading, place your right hand on your partner's waist as they put their left hand on your shoulder. Raise your other hand and clasp your partner’s hand.
  • Step 5: Step in place first with the left foot then with the right foot. Make sure you are moving your feet to the tempo of the music.
  • Step 6: Play merengue music and listen to the rhythm. Merengue music has a distinct march-like tempo.

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