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How To Dance the Two-Step

Have a great time dancing the two-step with the steps below.


  • Step 1: Turn the woman for the next steps, which can either be done side by side or with a light grasp of a hand and following her lead on the same counts.
  • TIP: Get in line dances at weddings and parties to get the hang of the steps when everyone is having fun.
  • Step 2: Add a spin to bring her back to face you. Move around the floor and pull off a couple "tunnels," or arm swings as the two of your change positions on the beat.
  • FACT: The New York Society of Teachers of Dancing, Inc., officially recognized the jitterbug as a ballroom dance in September 1943.
  • Step 3: Follow with the right, counting a "slow" again before starting the next "quick," the opposite for the following female.
  • Step 4: Step with your left again but slower, if you're the man, allowing a second beat – the first "slow" – before stepping again. The woman follows with her right.
  • Step 5: Take a short, quick step forward on your left foot, if you're the lead – traditionally, the man. The follower accommodates by stepping back with their right foot. This is the first "quick."
  • Step 6: Follow this step with your right if you're leading, as the follower backs up with their left, the second "quick."
  • TIP: Try variations of the two-step, like the west coast swing.
  • Step 7: Rest your right hand on your partner’s waist if you're the man. If you're the woman, rest your left hand on his shoulder. Stretch out your free arm and clasp your hands at eye level. Count one beat for the quick step and two for the slow.

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