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How to Develop the Top 6 Business Management Skills

To keep everything moving in the right direction, you need structure. Learn the top 6 business management skills to assure yourself all your bases are being covered.


  • Step 1: Demonstrate analytical and problem solving skills with a practical perception of the business realities.
  • Step 2: Show vision and the patience only a strategic plan conveys. Ask yourself if you have the ability to consistently adhere to the principles and objectives you have set out and to communicate the rewards, even when others are unable to see them.
  • FACT: In 2009, Steve Jobs of Apple was the lowest paid CEO in the Standard and Poor's 500, earning $1 per year.
  • TIP: Make the tough decisions to develop the right skills in your organization by hiring sound workers, or through targeted, intensive training. Develop and communicate clear performance goals to measure success.
  • Step 3: Encourage and motivate employees to excel in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, taking ownership in the business. Show that you will not ask anything of them you wouldn't do yourself.
  • Step 4: Provide ethical leadership, shaping the mission for employees, and the spirit of the enterprise, with respect for customers and colleagues.
  • Step 5: Inspire subordinates to act, and maintain productivity by managing stressful periods of change. Negotiate cooperatively as a matter of personal dedication to the company's single focused destiny, even as painful adjustments become necessary.
  • TIP: Take management courses at a local college to absorb practical negotiation and listening skills. These skills will help you achieve company objectives.
  • Step 6: Concentrate primarily on the ability to communicate, using your interpersonal skills. Set high expectations for clear communication among team members, and model openness and transparency with an open door policy.

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