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How to Develop Your Child's Self-Esteem

Create a solid foundation for your child's self-esteem and they will develop a healthy self-image for lifelong success and happiness.


  • Step 1: Help a child develop social skills by providing opportunities to interact with others, teaching them how to get along.
  • Step 2: Lavish affection freely to foster a child's internal sense of worth and to build healthy confidence in their ability to meet goals, fulfill their potential, and make you proud.
  • FACT: Ninety percent of eating disorders are found in girls.
  • FACT: Give a child at least four times as many positive comments as critical comments.
  • TIP: Give children age-appropriate household chores to build a sense of competence and teamwork.
  • Step 3: Encourage competence and mastery by providing constructive activities in which your child experiences a taste of success.
  • TIP: Realize that growing self-esteem is a lifelong endeavor.
  • Step 4: Provide positive and sincere feedback when a child successfully accomplishes tasks, makes good choices, or behaves appropriately.
  • Step 5: Create a safe family environment where your child is respected. Serving as a positive role model enhances the environment.
  • Step 6: Treat a child with love, care, and acceptance, beginning in infancy, to develop a foundation for a healthy and balanced self-esteem.

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