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How to Distinguish Yourself from the Other Girls

Stand out from the crowd and get noticed by that special guy in no time.


  • TIP: While conversing, lean in until you're about 6 inches from his face. Linger for a few seconds, then slowly lean back. This works especially well at loud parties.
  • Step 1: Touching someone lightly and casually on the arm or leg during conversation signals your interest without being overly flirtatious. But if they're interested in you, too, they'll definitely remember it.
  • FACT: The Census Bureau reported that there are slightly more women than men in the U.S., with females making up 50.7 percent of the total population.
  • Step 2: Compliment something you genuinely like about him, such as his cologne, his clothing, or his taste in music. If he compliments you back, accept it with a simple "thank you." Brushing off compliments is not attractive.
  • TIP: Avoid the temptation to whine, complain, or otherwise unload your problems on others.
  • Step 3: Encourage people you encounter to talk about themselves by really listening to what they are saying, expressing interest, and asking follow-up questions. By making it all about them, they'll think you're the most interesting person in the room.
  • Step 4: Keep things light and upbeat. Try some playful teasing to make an instant impression. Smiling and laughing will get you noticed in a positive way and you'll be remembered as a fun person that others want to be around.
  • Step 5: Be well groomed and pay attention to your hair and makeup when you go out. Dress in something that you know flatters your body. Looking your best tells the world you're confident.

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