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How To Do Glute Ham Raises

Just like broccoli and flossing, everyone hates doing glute ham raises, so that must mean that they're good for you.


  • : If you are experiencing any hip, back, or hamstring pain, avoid this exercise. Always consult aphysician before attempting any exercise program.
  • Step 1: Drop to your knees and slide the back of your ankles underneath the secure bar.
  • Step 2: Place pads under your knees so that your knees are level with your ankles. Kneel upright.
  • TIP: Have someone hold your feet in place.
  • Step 3: Keeping your back straight, slowly fall forward—with your hands ready to catch your fall.
  • Step 4: Before your chest touches the floor, catch your body with your hands—it will look like you're at the bottom of a pushup.
  • Step 5: Press your body up with your arms until your hamstrings can take over and do the rest of the work to lift you upright again.
  • Step 6: Repeat until you can no longer lower and lift yourself using your hamstrings.
  • FACT: Having strong hamstrings can reduce your chances of suffering from chronic back pain.

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