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How to Donate Baby Clothes

Your baby is growing up and you are swimming in a sea of used clothing that can no longer be worn. Donate those cute outfits to the needy.


  • TIP: If you do choose to donate to Goodwill, know that items that are donated which cannot be resold will automatically be sent to third world countries like Haiti.
  • Step 1: Obtain a receipt for tax purposes. Charitable donations are tax deductible and are an incentive to donate for years to come.
  • FACT: Scientists have created biodegradable polyesters that can be used in food packaging and clothing, including cling wrap, boxes, and meat trays.
  • Step 2: Decide which charity to donate your items to and deliver them or ship them as directed by the organization.
  • Step 3: Look for national organizations, such as Cross International or Newborns in Need. These groups have ongoing clothing drives for children and infants.
  • Step 4: Put clothing in boxes for delivery to a charity organization.
  • Step 5: Call local charities to find out what their needs are. Start with a local women and children's shelter if you wish to donate locally.
  • TIP: Donating your clothes to Goodwill or the Salvation Army may be more convenient, but they are also the first stop for most people. Try to find a group that is really in need.
  • Step 6: Sort and wash baby clothes that you would like to donate. Only donate clothes that are in good condition.

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