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How to Dress 10 Pounds Thinner

The wrong clothes can make you look heavier than you really are, while the right ones can make you appear a size smaller! Find out what will flatter your figure and what you should never wear again.


  • Step 1: Replace your regular undergarments with shapewear. It's one of the easiest ways to look slimmer and sleeker.
  • Step 2: Wear high heels and platforms when possible; height is slimming. Avoid ankle-strap heels, Crocs, flip-flops, ballet shoes, gladiator sandals, and the most fattening fashion combo of all -- mom jeans with clunky white sneakers.
  • FACT: 40 percent of women polled admitted buying clothes that are too small, hoping they'd one day fit.
  • Step 3: Wear all one color, and don't break it up with a different-colored belt or you'll lose the slimming silhouette. Dark colors are better than light ones, with black being the most slimming of all. Prints are less flattering, but if you can't live by solid colors alone, choose smaller prints over large ones, and look for prints with a dark background.
  • TIP: Show some leg! It's one of the slowest areas to age, and revealing some skin is more slimming than being completely covered up.
  • Step 4: Wear slimming tops: V-necks -- especially V-neck tunics; hip-length cardigans; billowy blouses cinched with wide belts; and hip-length, tapered jackets all elongate your torso, making you look taller and slimmer. Ditch the shapeless sweatshirts, anything with a crew neckline, and turtlenecks, which make all but the skinniest ladies look chunkier than they really are.
  • Step 5: When it comes to dresses and skirts, think A-line, which helps hide generous hips and thighs. Pencil skirts are also a good look for full-figured women because they transform extra pounds into flattering curves. For the most flattering look, wear pencil skirts at the knee and all other hemlines 2 inches above the knee.
  • Step 6: Choose dark-colored pants with flat fronts; light colors and pleats add pounds. Look for a slight flare at the bottom, which will make your hips look slimmer. And make sure they're long enough to skim your shoe; otherwise, the broken line will shorten the appearance of your legs, making your whole body look stockier. Avoid capris, cargo pants, and anything with an elastic waist.

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