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How To Enable Multitouch on Your Droid

Tired of being jealous of watching all those iPhone users pinch and zoom their screens? If you have a Droid, you can join the multitouch fun.


  • Step 1: Download a terminal like "Terminal Emulator" from the Droid's App Market, install, and run it.
  • TIP: When you get to the command prompt, type the following, hitting Enter at the end of each line:
  • Step 2: Open your browser and pinch and zoom away!
  • FACT: In 1984, consumers were introduced to the first cell phone weighing 2 pounds and selling for $3,995. It is playfully referred to as "The Brick" because of its brick-like shape.
  • Step 3: Your phone is now rooted. Download a multitouch browser and copy it into the root folder on your Droid's SD card.
  • Step 4: Unplug the phone from your computer and turn off your phone. Hold the X key and press the Power button until you see a triangle. To get a menu, press the volume-plus key and the Camera button together. Select the option to update using the D-pad, and reboot the phone.
  • Step 5: Root your Droid by downloading the file available online, but don't extract it -- rename it
  • TIP: Find the zip file by typing "droid-super_user" into a search engine.
  • Step 6: Plug your phone into the computer, and select USB Connected from the Notifications bar. Press Mount. Put the file into the Root directory of your SD Card.
  • : Rooting your phone can void the warranty, so be careful when executing these instructions.

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