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How to Enjoy the Perks of Being a Wallflower

Not everyone can be the life of the party -- and not everyone wants to be. Relax and enjoy your unique wallflower personality with these tips.


  • Step 1: Put away the money you save by being a wallflower into an interest-bearing account. If you don't wine and dine with the A-crowd, you don't waste money on expensive restaurant food and drinks. Instead, be the life of the party at home, alone in your pajamas.
  • FACT: The botanical name for real wallflowers is _Cheiranthus cheiri_, which are flowers that grow on old walls, rocks, and quarries.
  • TIP: Smile and nod enough to look like you're having fun, even when you're not. Looking depressed will surely draw attention.
  • Step 2: Live up to your wallflower profile by not becoming overly engaged in the party atmosphere or lively conversation. Speak up now and then to the people around you but don't draw too much attention for fear of unveiling your air of mystery.
  • Step 3: Blend in best by hanging out with other wallflowers. Find wallflowers at gatherings such as open-mic night, poetry readings, book clubs, museums, used book stores, and independent film festivals.
  • Step 4: Scope out the best wall for wallflowering when you do get an invite to a party. Stay away from loud, bright areas or places with lots of movement. Scan the room for any obnoxious or overly drunk people and pick a wall on an opposite side of the room to keep a safe distance.
  • Step 5: Make the most of an open social calendar by developing your unique interests or taking up new hobbies. When you aren't on the invite list, enjoy activities beloved by lone rangers such as reading, painting, photography, hiking, horseback riding, and knitting.

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