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How To Entertain Kids in the Car

Reduce your stress level when traveling with children by following these tips. With thoughtful preparation, the trip can be educational and fun.


  • FACT: The first speeding ticket was issued in 1902.
  • Step 1: Use your imagination and involve children in the activity decision making.
  • Step 2: Play a CD that everyone can sing along with. Have a singing contest.
  • Step 3: Urge the children to take pictures of objects of a specific color or suggest they have a silly face competition and take pictures of each other.
  • Step 4: Make sure car seats are securely installed, the vehicle is filled with gas, the spare tire has air, the windows are clean, and everyone has gone to the bathroom before setting off.
  • Step 5: When children become restless and bored with their toys, play a DVD.
  • Step 6: Reward good behavior with wrapped surprise toys.
  • Step 7: Ask kids to draw what they see outside or to draw their favorite animals.
  • TIP: Leave yourself enough time on the road to make frequent stops for bathroom breaks and to let the kids get out and exercise.
  • TIP: For older children, video game consoles and MP3 players are great entertainment.
  • Step 8: Place your child’s favorite toys where they can easily be reached.
  • Step 9: Let the children look through a variety of books that interest them.

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