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How to Evaluate a Peer Performance Review

Who better to spot the flaws in the system than those on the ground floor? Peer reviews offer managers insight into their employees that managers wouldn't normally get.


  • Step 1: Look for indications of failures in communication in the peer performance reviews. Failures in communication can occur between management and staff, in departments, and between departments.
  • Step 2: Share the results with your employees in a positive and constructive way. Take the information you gleaned from the peer reviews and use it to improve the processes of the workplace.
  • FACT: According to a 2009 survey, the 3 largest states in terms of employment were California, Texas, and New York.
  • Step 3: Use the peer performance reviews to identify those employees who are hard workers, but are too quiet to get noticed. Peer reviews can often bring to light the talents of those overlooked in favor of the louder stars of the workplace.
  • Step 4: Use the peer performance reviews to identify the top and bottom performers at your workplace.
  • Step 5: Judge the honesty of the performance reviews. Peer reviews can offer great insight into the problems employees are having, but the personal competitiveness of employees, or their need to cover up for their coworkers, can get in the way of the truth.
  • TIP: Keep the peer performance reviews anonymous to encourage the employees to be more open about their opinions.
  • Step 6: Have a metrics system in place with clearly defined numerical goals for each employee. Have your employees use this system to measure the performance of their peers in the review.

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