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How to Evaluate Your Parenting Skills

Parenting is the most important job you will ever have. Set goals for yourself and your children and continually review your performance with these steps.


  • FACT: Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, show characteristics of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. The disorder affects 3 to 5 percent of all children.
  • Step 1: Takes notes on a daily basis. Jot down when you were a positive role model and how often you praised your child.
  • Step 2: Review your performance every week by evaluating your child's behavior. If you keep focused on your goals and stay positive your child's unacceptable behavior will begin making a turnaround before you know it.
  • Step 3: Accentuate repeatedly how good behavior leads to better things. Give examples. For instance, tell them that they were allowed to play with toys in the bathtub a few minutes longer because they came inside from play when told the first time.
  • Step 4: Praise your child when they catch themselves acting inappropriately and also when they correct their actions.
  • Step 5: Help your child notice their behavior. Calmly point out to your child when they are behaving in an unacceptable manner.
  • Step 6: Look at your own behavior. Chances are your child is copying what you have inadvertently taught. Children learn by example -- model positive behavior.
  • TIP: Take ownership of your poor behavior by telling your child why you acted the way you did and why you shouldn't. Remind your child that everyone makes mistakes.
  • Step 7: Decide what behavior your child exhibits that needs improvement. Make a list.

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