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How to Fake Interest on a Date

Boring date? Find ways to fake an interest in your companion and make it through this snooze-fest.


  • Step 1: Can't get over how lame your date is? Do your best to laugh along with their jokes and show sympathy over sad stories until the date's over. Then, walk away quickly and dream of the more interesting people you'll meet in the future.
  • FACT: In a 1992 study, Dr. John Gottman was able to predict with 94 percent accuracy which participating couples would get divorced.
  • TIP: If you're drinking alcohol, don't get too drunk -- you don't want to do or say something you'll regret.
  • Step 2: Order something to eat or drink; whenever you need to respond to your date, fill your mouth while raising your eyebrows -- you'll connote interest and give yourself something to do.
  • Step 3: Use body language to fake interest. Turn squarely towards your companion, lean in, smile, nod, and maintain eye contact to seem more engaged.
  • Step 4: Can't focus on your date's actual words? Listen to their cadence. When their inflection indicates a finished thought, murmur a phrase to suggest you've been listening closely. Try something vaguely enthusiastic, to mask how fake your interest truly is.
  • Step 5: Listen for a word or phrase that you can use to steer the conversation towards a topic that interests you. If you can't find an opening, accept the situation, and focus on keeping your partner talking; at least one of you will think it's going well.

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