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How To File For Divorce

If you find your marriage against the ropes, these tips will give the stress of a divorce the knockout punch.


  • Step 1: Fill out a Marital Settlement Agreement and any other required paperwork. Check with your local circuit court for the needed forms.
  • Step 2: Sign all forms with a notary public as a witness and then file them with the county clerk's office.
  • Step 3: Appear in court for an official ruling. Once all parties agree, the divorce is finalized. You are now officially unwed.
  • FACT: Did you know? The U.S. divorce rate of remarriages is higher than that of first marriages.
  • Step 4: Negotiate child custody rights with your spouse and any child support payments that will be needed.
  • TIP: When discussing the divorce with your spouse, meet in a neutral location free from distractions and take detailed notes of what was said.
  • Step 5: Hire a lawyer to resolve any disputes and provide information should questions arise.
  • TIP: Even though a successful divorce can be achieved without hiring a lawyer, it's always a good idea to hire one.
  • Step 6: Determine what assets to divide between you and your spouse, such as cars, the house, jewelry, and other valuables.
  • Step 7: Organize all of your personal and business financial records, including your mortgage deed, bank records, retirement plans, and records of any debt.

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