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How To Find Accommodations At the Vancouver Olympics

Find a home away from home during your trip to the Vancouver Olympics.


  • Step 1: Book a room on a boat or cruise ship that will dock in Vancouver for the games. It may sound strange, but with skyrocketing hotel prices, booking a room on a boat may be cheaper than just getting a hotel room. If not, there's always 2014!
  • FACT: More than 25,000 volunteers from all over the world will help make the Olympics in Vancouver possible.
  • Step 2: Trade homes with a Canadian looking to visit your neck of the woods. Search "housing swap" on online forums to find people interested in trading housing during the games.
  • Step 3: Search "rent 2010" for a list of web sites dedicated to people in the Vancouver or Whistler area renting their homes for Olympic spectators and volunteers.
  • TIP: Look for hotels in the suburbs to increase your chances of finding a room and find cheaper rates.
  • Step 4: If you don't mind sharing a bathroom or sleeping in a dorm-like environment, search for openings in hostels.
  • Step 5: Find a hotel by checking hotel and tourism web sites like, and Finding a room may be tough, but rooms could pop up as people cancel reservations and hotels make rooms available.

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