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How To Find an Eco Mate

Are you single and looking… for a mate who is as eco-friendly as you are? Good news—there are tons of ways to meet that special green one.


  • Step 1: Send signals via your wardrobe. Strutting around in a “Paper or Plastic? We’re Dead Either Way” T-shirt will weed out earth-indifferent suitors, especially if it’s made of organic cotton or hemp.
  • Step 2: If you’re really serious about finding a green spouse, skip the beach resort this year in favor of an eco-conscious service trip, many of which can be found online.
  • FACT: There are 1.4 million vegans and 4.7 million vegetarians in the United States.
  • Step 3: Instead of spending hours scouring general-interest dating sites, join one of the many sites created specifically for eco-minded singles.
  • Step 4: Joining an environmental club is an easy way to meet like minded people—and do some good at the same time.
  • TIP: A quick glance at the contents of a person’s cart usually reveals their marital status—how many people are they buying for?
  • Step 5: A love of the outdoors joins many green souls. Join a hiking, biking, running, or kayaking club.
  • Step 6: Look for potential partners at the food co-op, farmer’s market, and natural food stores.

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