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How To Find the Best Pick Up Spots On Campus

The secret to finding great hook-up places is the same as buying a house or setting up a business – location, location, location.


  • Step 1: Join a yoga class: Over 16 million already have and another 25 million say they intend to soon. Bonus: The people you meet will be limber!
  • TIP: Exercise of any kind puts people in a good mood by producing endorphins, the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals—the same ones released when you have sex.
  • Step 2: Hang out in a coffeeshop. From 2004 to 2007, the number of 18-to-24-year-olds who drink coffee doubled, making baristas the new bartenders.
  • FACT: In a survey of college students, almost 5 percent said they’d had sex in the library.
  • Step 3: Get outdoors on sunny days. Nearly every campus and city has a spot where people congregate to sunbathe and play catch.
  • TIP: Hit as many frat parties as you can; they tend to be wilder than house and dorm parties.
  • TIP: Bars that specialize in beer are usually a good bet.
  • Step 4: Find local social groups on MySpace and Facebook; they usually have monthly outings or heavily promoted parties.
  • Step 5: Ask upperclassmen or locals about hot spots that may not be well-known to people new to town.
  • Step 6: Hang out at bars with special offers, like Happy Hours, free food, or Ladies’ Nights—nothing draws crowds of potential hook-up partners like cheap booze.

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