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How to Follow Proper Garter Belt Toss Etiquette

This tradition symbolizes the groom tossing out his old, single life and promises that the single male who catches it will be the next to wed. Avoid some of the more common tacky and embarrassing mistakes involved in this ritual by following these tips.


  • Step 1: Instruct the man who catches the garter and the women who catches the bouquet to share a dance or have a photo taken together.
  • FACT: In France, it's customary at a wedding for the couple to drink out of an engraved, 2-handled cup.
  • TIP: Be classy and never use teeth to remove the garter.
  • Step 2: Remove the garter. Have the groom toss it to the single men in the room.
  • Step 3: Seat the bride so that she is in side view to the wedding guests while her garter is removed, not directly facing the crowd.
  • Step 4: Position the garter for removal by having the bride slide it down just above her knee. This allows the groom to more easily, and discreetly, remove the garter.
  • Step 5: Know that some brides wear two garters, a more elaborately decorated one to keep and a plain one to toss. If you're the groom, make sure you know which is which.

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