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How to Get a DNA Test

There are many reasons for needing a DNA test, including verification of biological relationships, and for purposes of identification.


  • Step 1: Make an appointment at the sample collection clinic, where your sample will be submitted to a testing facility.
  • Step 2: Consider buying an over-the-counter DNA test kit. Follow the directions in the kit, then mail the swabs to the laboratory provided in the directions.
  • FACT: The human genome is made up of about 3 billion nucleotides base pairs.
  • Step 3: Visit the American Association of Blood Banks, or AABB, website to locate an accredited testing facility in your area.
  • TIP: An unborn baby's DNA can be tested via an amniotic fluid sample taken from an amniocentesis procedure.
  • TIP: DNA tests are acceptable evidence in cases of maternity or paternity if its accuracy is 99.5 percent or greater.
  • Step 4: Know how DNA is collected to be tested. The buccal swab is a common, non-invasive process that uses a cotton swab to collect cells from the inside of a person's cheek.
  • Step 5: Know that DNA testing can be used as evidence in court to establish biological relationships, including maternal, paternal, full-sibling, and half-sibling relationships.

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