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How To Get a Grade Changed

Your teacher gave you an unfair grade, and you feel you deserve better. Get them to come around to your way of thinking.


  • Step 1: Offer to do extra work to raise your grades.
  • Step 2: Ask for an outside opinion from another teacher if you and your teacher disagree about the value of your work.
  • Step 3: Make an appointment to see the department chair and explain your problem if yours is unwilling or unable to change your grade.
  • FACT: Did you know? In a survey taken by the University of California, one-third of students felt they deserved a B just for attending lectures.
  • TIP: Explain what you found confusing about any assignments so the professor can make future assignments easier to understand.
  • Step 4: Demonstrate the amount of work you've put into the class, and the level of your effort. Objectively compare your work to those who scored higher than you in the class.
  • Step 5: Bring your completed assignments from the class. Ask specific questions about the teacher's grading criteria.
  • Step 6: Be polite. Treat your teacher with respect and they are more likely to be cooperative.
  • TIP: Keep the tone of your voice neutral, and sound inquisitive when asking questions.
  • Step 7: Schedule an appointment with your teacher. Setting aside time to discuss your grade is more productive than trying to talk before or after class, or firing off an angry e-mail.

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