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How to Get a Hall Pass

In desperate need to get out of the classroom for a bit? Use this guide to get a hall pass and the rest you desire.


  • Step 1: Join a club or sport that may get you out of class early or overlap with your classes.
  • Step 2: Get in trouble with your teacher by disrupting the class and they'll most likely give you a one-way hall pass... to the principal's office!
  • FACT: John Hughes, director of the movie _The Breakfast Club_, gave each actor a piece of the banister from the library after the film was done shooting.
  • Step 3: Volunteer yourself to run any errands your teacher may need.
  • Step 4: Volunteer yourself to help acquaint new students to the school.
  • TIP: Do not buy a hall pass from a fellow student; good chance it is fake.
  • Step 5: Fake being sick and ask the teacher if you can go see the school nurse.
  • Step 6: Raise your hand and tell the teacher you need a pass to use the restroom.

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