How to Get a Nonsurgical Breast Lift

If you're not ready to book a date with a scalpel, here are some noninvasive suggestions to perk up your puppies.


  • TIP: Do not have electric stimulation treatments if you are pregnant or prone to heart attack, or have high blood pressure or epilepsy.
  • Step 1: Wear push-up bras, padded bras, or silicone inserts to give your girls a lift without breaking the bank.
  • FACT: There were 87,386 breast lift procedures performed in 2009, which accounts for only 5.7 percent of all cosmetic surgeries performed that year.
  • Step 2: Consider electric stimulation treatments. While little supporting evidence exists, the treatment theoretically boosts collagen production, increasing breast tissue elasticity and providing a mild to moderate lift.
  • Step 3: Have laser treatments if you have a bigger budget. Lasers can promote new collagen growth and provide minimal lifting with repeated treatments.
  • Step 4: Try one of the topical firming creams, lotions, or serums widely available. Don't expect long-term results, though, as they only temporarily help tighten and tone the skin.
  • TIP: Get a trial-size product to gauge results before investing in a larger size.
  • Step 5: Work out to firm up your pectoral muscles for a little bit of a lift. Your firmer pecs will better support the breast tissue, which may also shrink a bit if you lose some weight in the process.

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