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How to Get High-Volume Hair

If you want a new, fuller look with big hair, consider several ways to tease, work, and coax it to new heights and feel like you're walking the red carpet.


  • TIP: With shorter hair, skip doing the hair upside down and brush in a part on the opposite side from your normal one, combing the other way for volume.
  • Step 1: Put in style wax or pomade for more texture on the ends. Spray under the top layer to stiffen it and keep it up.
  • Step 2: Add hot rollers or a curling iron to maximize the fullness. Divide hair into two-inch sections, wrapping around a hot roller and letting set for 5 minutes. Remove the curlers and let the hair cool, brushing out with a paddle brush to straighten. Your big hair is certain to be hot!
  • FACT: The big-haired wig, called a peruke, came into popularity in 17th-century Europe, where it was worn by French King Louis XIII.
  • Step 3: Style the hair and hang it down again, spraying underneath. Flip back and touch up.
  • Step 4: Hang your head upside down, blow-drying it, and massaging the scalp. Squeeze and fuss up curly hair with your fingers or, if it's straight, keep it down while still damp, using a round brush to twirl and dry sections. The hotter the dryer, the more lift.
  • Step 5: Shampoo with a volume enhanced product and use cream conditioner. Rinse it all out with a cool shower, which naturally plumps the hair shaft.
  • TIP: Choose your conditioner carefully: conditioners can sometimes leave hair over moisturized and limp.
  • Step 6: Work in mousse and bombard your locks with hair spray, working it down to the roots. Gently pull the hair up throughout the process.
  • Step 7: Allow the hair to go without washing for a few days so that the natural oils clot and thicken the mat, creating volume and, sometimes, big hair all by itself.

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