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How to Get into a Fashion Show

You don't have to be a celebrity or socialite to attend a runway fashion show -- you just need the nerve to crash one! Here are some strategies to try.


  • Step 1: No luck getting in the front door? Look for the backstage entrances that the hair, makeup, and technical crews use and ask if you can sneak in. If you're nice, they may give you a backstage pass.
  • TIP: Bring props like a can of hair spray or makeup case to make it seem like you're part of the crew.
  • Step 2: Still outside? If there are seats to fill at the last minute, the gatekeepers may let you in. Tell them you're a stylist for a hot beauty or media company -- or make up the name of a foreign-sounding one -- and say you're fine with standing room only. Good luck!
  • FACT: One Marc Jacobs runway show at New York Fashion Week cost about $1,750 per second to produce.
  • TIP: If anyone stops you, act all pissed off -- the way many fashion magazine editors would behave if anyone dared question their credentials.
  • Step 3: Wait until you see someone famous, then try to slip in with their posse -- even minor celebrities often arrive with an entourage. Or try the "sandwich" trick: Attempt to stroll in between 2 guests.
  • Step 4: Dress like an up-to-the-minute fashionista who's not afraid to take risks. Just make sure that whatever you wear is expensive -- or at least looks it. And don't forget the oversized sunglasses!
  • TIP: Can't afford couture? Check out websites that rent designer clothes, bags, and shoes.
  • Step 5: Bring a printout with a bar code to clutch importantly. Most designers now email invitations that guests scan at kiosks to get their seating assignment. So having one in your hand will make you look legitimate -- as long as no one gets close enough to see your bar code has nothing to do with this event!
  • Step 6: Set your sights on an up-and-coming fashion designer; it's much easier to get into a fashion show for a promising new talent than a world-famous designer.

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