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How to Get Kids' Party Face-Painting Ideas

Face-painting is great entertainment for kids. Let your kids choose some original face painting ideas to express their individuality and creativity.


  • TIP: Add a flower pattern dress and flowers in the hair for added effect.
  • Step 1: Apply red pencil to the child's lips. Then paint the eyebrows black and highlighting the eyes with black to make them seem larger. Pencil in long, thin lashes under the eyes.
  • Step 2: Smooth the child's hair back from their face with styling gel to make them into a butterfly. Sketch the butterfly's body in the middle of their face, with antennae on their forehead.
  • Step 3: Design the wings, starting at the child's forehead and ending under their eyes for the top wings, and running the lower wings down to their chin. Mix in brilliant colors for the wings, adding white and yellow highlights. Underline the child's eyes with black, and then add glitter to the wings. Ready to fly!
  • FACT: The Bozo Show, featuring face-painted Bozo the Clown, aired nationally out of Chicago from 1978 to 2001.
  • TIP: Add water to the paint if it's too thick.
  • Step 4: Outline flower petals on the child's left cheek, drawing them up to the temple and down to the bottom of the jaw. Paint green leaves crawling across the forehead and fill in the petals with yellow. Outline the petals with red and add a red spot in the center. Then blend the red and yellow to make the petals orange.
  • TIP: Be aware of any skin allergies the child may have before painting their face with an FDA approved cosmetic. Don't paint kids' faces if they have open cuts or rashes.
  • Step 5: Draw white under the child's eyes, around their mouth, and between their eyes. Finish with black tiger lines on their forehead, cheeks, and chin, and draw whiskers above their lips. Finally, work styling mousse into their hair and tussle it into a wild mane.
  • Step 6: Draw boxes and rectangles on the child's forehead and cheeks with the pencil, making a robot's geometric, metallic head. Then paint circles around their eyes, adding lines from their nose to their mouth, and outline them with highlighters.
  • Step 7: Color the panels gray and shadow them with blue to look like reflective metal. Add black dots for rivets and crimp aluminum foil over their shirt to complete the animated machine look.
  • Step 8: Transform your child's face into a tiger for a party. Sketch cat-like lines around the child's eyes, sponge yellow paint over the rest of their face, and then outline the face with brown highlights.

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