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How to Get Noticed at Work

If you want to get ahead you'll have to announce your intentions with constructive action and consistent performance. Get involved.


  • TIP: Even making coffee, filling the copier, or carrying something for someone else improves life in the office and elevates one's profile. It's the little things at work that count.
  • Step 1: Take on the tasks that others will not. Learn new technology and volunteer to tackle difficult challenges that call attention to your problem-solving skills.
  • Step 2: Fulfill expectations and meet deadlines with discipline and consistency. Performance and results solidify job security and guarantee that someone will notice.
  • FACT: In 2008, Standard & Poor's announced that the top 500 CEOs made more than $10 million, 344 times the annual pay of typical American workers.
  • Step 3: Mentor others and encourage them to challenge themselves. Model respectful, selfless behavior and encourage others to build a positive environment.
  • Step 4: Neutralize conflicts in the office by mediating and facilitating discussions without taking sides. Take the high road and manage differences so that everyone wins.
  • Step 5: Go the extra mile and make office mates feel important and needed. Be generous and openly compliment their behavior in front of superiors.
  • Step 6: Go above and beyond by writing articles, discussing issues, announcing activities, or voicing opinions in company publications to raise awareness of your contributions.
  • TIP: Stay abreast of current information in the field. Follow market trends to bring attention to your reliability and your worth to the company.
  • Step 7: Volunteer for, participate in, and head committees to get to know people who will benefit from your efforts.
  • Step 8: Circulate around the office rather than staying in your cubicle. Smile, shake hands, give tips, share observations, and establish yourself as a team player.

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