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How to Get On the Road

Wanderlust setting in? Here are a few steps to help you get on the road.


  • Step 1: When you're ready, head out -- but be prepared for the unexpected. There are no real rules when you're on the road.
  • FACT: Jack Kerouac's original manuscript of 1957's On the Road was typed on a 119-foot scroll of taped-together tracing paper.
  • Step 2: Clear any lingering cares from your mind so you can live in the moment while you're on the road. Pay your bills and finish any outstanding projects that have firm deadlines.
  • Step 3: Consider you budget, sense of adventure, and time frame and then decide what mode of transportation you want to use.
  • Step 4: Decide how much money and what personal possessions you'll need on the road and if you want to travel solo or with friends. Pack as light as possible.
  • TIP: Sublet or rent out your residence to generate extra cash while you're gone.
  • Step 5: Pick a destination and decide how long your trip will be. Do you want to see a specific site, visit friends and family, or just head out in search of adventure?

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