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How To Get Past an Embarrassing Moment

Everyone knows the feeling. You're dying inside and wish you could disappear. But there is another, more realistic way.


  • Step 1: Move forward. Don't review the moment endlessly in your mind. Face those who witnessed your embarrassment to get over the fear of seeing them.
  • Step 2: Forgive yourself. It's sometimes easier to forgive others, so take the advice you'd give your best friend in the same situation.
  • FACT: A faux pas, defined as a social blunder, literally means "false step" in French.
  • Step 3: Learn from your mistakes – it's the only way to grow. Many people have used their mistakes to find greater success in life and inspire others.
  • Step 4: Keep things in perspective. Odds are it's not the worst thing that's ever happened. People have gone through much worse and survived.
  • TIP: If you're too mortified to laugh, at least try to manage a brave smile.
  • Step 5: Be honest and openly admit your fault. Apologize, ask for forgiveness, or make the situation right if necessary. A wry, witty, or self-deprecating remark can be endearing.
  • Step 6: Laugh at yourself. Keeping your sense of humor will help others feel more comfortable and will lighten an awkward moment, making you feel less embarrassed.

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