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How to Get Press Credentials

If you're a freelance photographer, journalist, or even a blogger trying to get a story or cover an event, you need a press pass to give you insider access.


  • Step 1: Pick up your credentials as instructed, usually the day before or the day of the event, at the issuing office. Plan to arrive early, especially if it's an important event.
  • Step 2: Always carry a picture ID along with your press badge to avoid any security hassles. Now use that all-access pass to get the job done.
  • FACT: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, of the 69,300 news analysts, reporters, and correspondents working in 2008, 19 percent were self-employed.
  • Step 3: Complete the application on time. Many events start this process months in advance, so make sure you know the deadlines.
  • Step 4: Call or send an e-mail to the contact person requesting their media credentials guidelines. They will either send you an application package or direct you to their website to fill out the application online.
  • TIP: Search online for free sites where you can post your photos and clips.
  • Step 5: Find out the name of the office and the person within it who handles media credentials requests for the event or organization you want credentials to cover.
  • TIP: Call or go to the company or event's website to get the contact's name.
  • Step 6: Look like the professional you are, with business cards and a regularly updated website that provides samples of your work and notes where it was published.

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