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How to Get Respect

Aretha spelled it out in song. Isn't it time you got a little respect?


  • Step 1: Have good manners, which is a sign of class and is universally respected.
  • Step 2: Have a good memory. Remembering small details or simply someone's name scores big points and earns respect.
  • Step 3: Be consistent in your behavior and over time you'll develop a good reputation. And having a good reputation is the key to instant respect.
  • FACT: "Respect" was written and originally released by Otis Redding in 1965. The song became a hit and signature song for Aretha Franklin in 1967.
  • Step 4: Avoid seeming arrogant about your accomplishments. Don't deflect a compliment or sell yourself short. Simply acknowledge the role others played, whether it's your husband, wife, friends, or someone at work.
  • TIP: Stand with your arms crossed behind your back. Your shoulders will get pulled back automatically.
  • Step 5: Practice verbal restraint in all situations. Be discreet and say only what's necessary. Remaining mysterious automatically puts people at a distance and generates respect.
  • Step 6: Be honest. Never lie or stretch the truth in order to elicit respect from others. Admit when you don't know about a particular subject and elaborate on things you do know about.
  • Step 7: Having confidence is key in getting respect. Stand tall and look people directly in the eye.
  • Step 8: Dress for respect. Invest in classic, quality pieces, like a well-tailored suit and high-quality leather shoes.

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