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How to Get the Best Spray Tan

Get a great, natural-looking tan without exposing yourself to the sun's harmful rays.


  • TIP: Don't wipe drips. Gently blot them with a towel.
  • Step 1: Let your skin dry for at least 20 minutes. Then put on loose clothing, and avoid wearing a bra for the next six hours.
  • Step 2: Try not to do activities that make you sweat and don't take a shower for at least 8 hours after the tan to allow the dye to set. Keep your tan looking healthy by moisturizing your skin a couple times a day.
  • FACT: Approximately 80 percent of Americans under the age of 25 think they look better with a tan.
  • Step 3: Examine yourself closely in the mirror after the tan, looking for splotches or drips.
  • Step 4: Wear a thong to the appointment, or use the paper one provided by the salon.
  • Step 5: Moisturize your body with a water-based moisturizer to ensure a smoother tan.
  • TIP: Make sure you get between your toes and fingers, and the soles of your feet.
  • Step 6: Coat any scars or recent scabs with petroleum jelly.
  • Step 7: Exfoliate your skin with a water-based scrub the morning of your appointment to remove any dead skin.

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