How to Get Video on Your PSP

Learn how to get video on your PSP from Memory Stick media, directly downloaded from your computer, or via Universal Media Disc (UMD).


  • TIP: Check available space on your flash drive before transferring video.
  • Step 1: Directly connect your PSP -- with the flash drive inserted -- to your computer with a USB cable. Then transfer the video directly from the computer to your PSP. Enjoy your video on the go.
  • FACT: As of 2010, the White House had uploaded about 1,000 videos to YouTube.
  • Step 2: Connect a flash drive to your computer. Transfer a video file from your computer to the flash drive; and then from the flash drive to the PSP.
  • Step 3: Sign up for a PlayStation Store online account. Buy videos and download them to your computer or buy UMD video discs for your PSP.
  • Step 4: Find out whether your PSP's system needs an upgrade. For system versions 2.8 or greater, download a system upgrade at the U.S. PlayStation site.
  • Step 5: Download Media Go at the Sony Creative Software site. This free media player helps download video to your computer from the PlayStation Store.
  • TIP: Media Go also helps convert unsupported video file formats, such as .wmv, to PSP-compatible formats.
  • Step 6: Select a video to play on your PSP. Check that the video's file format is compatible with the PSP system, such as mpeg-4 or .avi.

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