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How To Get Your First Band Booking

Getting your first band booking can be daunting, but following these tips and avoiding common mistakes, can make the process easy.


  • Step 1: Repeat the process with as many venues as possible to improve your chances of getting booked.
  • Step 2: Promote yourself! Send out email blasts to everyone you know, and post online flyers. The more fans you bring to your show, the more likely you are to get booked again.
  • Step 3: Contact the club's booking agent by phone or email, or drop by at a convenient time. Be flexible about dates you can play, and honest about how many people will come to your show. Don't expect a prime weekend spot or much, if any money.
  • Step 4: Do research on clubs in your area and choose an appropriate venue to target. Make sure the club plays music similar to your style, and that it isn't too big for the crowd you'll draw.
  • TIP: Try to get a slot before a more popular band.
  • Step 5: Talk to bands who currently play the venue you want to book. See if they have any tips on landing a gig and ask if there are any specific procedures to be aware of with the particular venue you're targeting.
  • TIP: Also investigate local festivals, school talent shows, and battles of the bands.
  • TIP: Don't get discouraged! The more gigs you play, the easier booking a club gets.
  • FACT: The average salary for musicians and singers with less than one year of experience is below $30,000.
  • Step 6: Get to know the promoters who book the club. Direct them to your band's web site and social-networking profiles -- make sure they're up to date and feature your best songs.

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