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How to Give Voice Lessons

If you're looking to pass on your vocal talents to eager children, this guide will help transform aspiring students into successful songbirds.


  • Step 1: Start the vocal warm-up by having your students gently massage the corners of their mouths and their throats to relax any tension. Then, get the class to hum an "m" sound that rises and falls in pitch.
  • TIP: A fun way to teach this is to ask your students to visualize themselves on a roller coaster.
  • Step 2: Continue the vocal warm-up with a series of "me" exercises going up and down the scale. Try "My mama made me mash my M&Ms" -- holding the last syllable for a few seconds. Have your students increase and decrease the speed of this exercise. Soon, your thriving vocal classes will be sweet music to your ears!
  • FACT: Sweet Adelines International is one of the largest singing organizations for women in the world with 25,000 members, 1,200 quartets, and 600 choruses worldwide.
  • Step 3: Practice breathing with your students. Making sure their shoulders are back and level, have them take several deep breaths through their noses while pushing their stomachs out, exhaling slowly through the mouth.
  • TIP: There should minimum tension and maximum flexibility in your students' posture -- nothing should feel strained.
  • Step 4: Advertise your services with flyers in local music shops, coffeehouses, and in schools.
  • Step 5: Have a piano on hand in your music room in order to demonstrate the correct pitch and key for the student to follow and emulate.
  • Step 6: Find sheet music that is both age-appropriate for each student's skill level and will keep their interest through hours and hours of practice.
  • Step 7: Have your students assume the proper posture: chins parallel to the floor, shoulders back and down, backs straight, knees loose, and feet slightly apart.
  • Step 8: Find a large room or open space free of distractions and other noise. Smaller rooms will create an echo that will affect the sound of students' voices.

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