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How to Give Walls an Antique Look

If color alone has failed to help those drab walls, this guide will teach you a technique to transform your floor to ceiling canvas into an old world work of art.


  • Step 1: Dip a straight brush into the accent color and wipe off the excess until it is almost completely dry. Use a quick up and down stroke to lightly apply the antique faux finish randomly.
  • Step 2: Repeat the technique using left to right strokes for a more weathered look. Stop when you reach the desired appearance. Clean up and enjoy your antique wall for years to come.
  • FACT: The man-made stone walls of the Roman Colosseum have stood for nearly 2,000 years.
  • TIP: Apply a crackle glaze to the wall with a roller before painting on the base coat to create a chipping and cracking effect.
  • Step 3: Use a roller to apply the base coat. Allow the first layer to dry completely before painting on a second coat or moving on.
  • Step 4: Wash the walls with a mild soap and warm water to remove any dust and other residue. This allows for better adhesion and appearance of the paint.
  • Step 5: Pick out two coordinating colors for your room -- a base color and an accent color. You will need enough of the base color to cover the entire wall, but half as much for your accent color.
  • TIP: A flat finish will give the wall an older, antique appearance.
  • Step 6: Prepare your working area with drop cloths to protect the floor and furniture. Use painter's tape along molding and trim, and around electrical outlets and switches, to avoid mistakes.

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