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How to Give Yourself a Black Lace Manicure

Look like you just came off the runway with fashion-forward black lace tips.


  • Step 1: Add 2 more coats of topcoat, letting the first application dry thoroughly before starting the second coat. Allow the second coat to dry completely for perfectly polished tips.
  • Step 2: Show off your professional-looking, lace-covered nails by wearing a top or skirt that features matching lace for a runway-ready look.
  • FACT: Fingernails grow faster in the summer months and on the dominant hand.
  • Step 3: Let the polish and lace dry for several minutes until completely set. Any disturbance to a still-wet polish will ruin the finish.
  • Step 4: Apply the lace onto the wet top coat. Use the toothpick to gently but firmly press down the outer corners of the lace to set it in place.
  • TIP: Use the thinnest lace you can find. It is more easily covered by the topcoat and more likely to last than a thicker lace.
  • Step 5: Brush on one coat of topcoat over each nail. Avoid using clear nail polish instead of topcoat. Topcoat dries hard and will protect your nails from scratches and chips.
  • Step 6: Measure the black lace to fit each finger on each hand and cut it to size.

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