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How To Go From Brunette To Blonde

You've heard that blondes have more fun, and now you're ready to find out for yourself. Follow these tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.


  • Step 1: Apply an at-home, permanent coloring kit to dye your hair the shade of blonde you chose. Use the gloves provided and follow all of the directions carefully.
  • Step 2: Rinse your hair and dry it to see your finished look. Use specially formulated shampoos and conditioners to maintain your color. Now go out and see if blondes really do have more fun!
  • FACT: Ancient Celtic soldiers used a type of lye to bleach their hair to an almost white-blonde. They added a blue color to give them a dramatic look and intimidate their enemies.
  • Step 3: Strip the natural color from your hair using the at-home bleaching kit. Follow the instructions closely, and be sure not to leave the bleach in for too long or take it out too soon.
  • TIP: Use a smock to protect your clothing while you're bleaching and coloring your hair.
  • Step 4: Use a quality daily conditioner for a few weeks before you color your hair to add strength and moisture.
  • Step 5: Pick the right shade of blonde for your skin tone. Golden blonde works best for those with warm, olive, and yellowish skin tones, while ash blonde is better for pinkish and cooler skin tones.
  • Step 6: Test a small area of hair with the at-home bleaching and coloring kits to determine if you have allergies to the chemicals. Conduct the test 24 to 48 hours before dying your hair.
  • : Consider visiting a professional colorist. Going from brunette to blonde is tricky, and it is difficult to get a perfect look at home.

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