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How To Handle a Jealous Boyfriend

A jealous boyfriend can make your life miserable. Get a handle on the situation before it becomes a problem.


  • Step 1: Seek professional help if needed. Enroll in couples counseling.
  • Step 2: Break up with him if your attempts to reconcile his jealousy are not improving and continue to affect your life negatively.
  • FACT: Approximately one out of every five high school females report being abused by a dating partner.
  • Step 3: Generously remind him of your feelings for him.
  • Step 4: Build trust between you and your boyfriend by being available and responsive.
  • Step 5: Talk with your boyfriend and tell him to express his concerns and insecurities to you.
  • Step 6: Be empathetic. Listen carefully and try to understand his point of view.
  • TIP: Do not discount his feelings.
  • Step 7: Express to your boyfriend that his jealous ways push you away from him. Be direct but non-confrontational.

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