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How To Handle a Jealous Girlfriend

A jealous girlfriend can be scary, annoying, and relentless. Get a grip on the situation before it causes the relationship to end.


  • TIP: Give frequent compliments.
  • Step 1: Seek professional help if your attempts are non-productive.
  • FACT: A survey found that 38 percent of the approximately 2.3 million Americans who experience partner violence every year are men.
  • Step 2: Creatively remind her how you feel about her. Tell her in person, on the phone, or surprise her with flowers.
  • Step 3: Be available and responsive to her needs to help build her trust in you.
  • Step 4: Show her how you feel by treating her the same way she treats you.
  • Step 5: Be direct and talk with your girlfriend. Have her express her concerns openly and honestly.
  • Step 6: Try to empathize. Put yourself in her shoes.
  • Step 7: Express to your girlfriend that her jealous ways are pushing you away from her.

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