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How to Handle Forgetting Your Wedding Anniversary

Oh no you…yeah, you did. Survive the wedding anniversary you forgot with these tips.


  • TIP: "Romantic travel" is the wedding anniversary gift women want most, according to one survey.
  • Step 1: Set up a high-tech reminder so this never happens again. In fact, you may even want to order next year's gift now.
  • FACT: Half of all men don't know the date of their wedding anniversary, according to one survey.
  • Step 2: Plan an anniversary celebration do-over -- ASAP! Make it really special.
  • Step 3: Do something romantic to show them that forgetting your wedding anniversary has no bearing on how much you love them.
  • Step 4: No time to correct the situation? Plead your case as to why this momentous occasion slipped your mind. Come up with something good.
  • Step 5: Act properly remorseful, even if you really don't get what the big deal is. In fact, make sure the words "big deal" don't escape your lips, as in "what's the big deal?" or "It's no big deal" or the really-asking-for-it "Big Deal!"
  • Step 6: If you've got some acting chops, lie. Of _course_ you remembered your wedding anniversary; you were just waiting to see if your spouse remembered. They just may play along, even if they know you're full of it, in order to salvage the occasion. Then, do what needs to be done to set the day right.

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