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How to Have a Ball Dancing Disco

Whether you're a child of the 70s or not, this guide will have you strutting your stuff in leisure suit fashion the next time that disco beat hits.


  • Step 1: Ask someone to join in on the good time to have twice the fun. Show them your disco expertise and teach them a few simple moves along the way.
  • FACT: More than 40,000 people set a Guinness World Record by simultaneously dancing to "Y-M-C-A" by the Village People in 2008.
  • Step 2: Be confident with your dance moves as you boogie the night away. Listen to the rhythm and beat and remember what you've learned.
  • Step 3: Scour music stores for classic disco hits by Donna Summer, the Village People, and the Bee Gees from their disco period, or download and create your own playlist.
  • Step 4: Dress the part by wearing bell bottom pants or jeans, a wide-collar polyester shirt or blouse, and some gold jewelry.
  • TIP: Vintage clothing stores and garage sales are great places to find vintage clothing.
  • Step 5: Do your homework by finding classic disco dancing videos online. Pick up a few tips and copy classic dance moves.

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