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How To Have a Career As a Country Music Singer

Country music is a thriving American institution and an exciting career option.


  • Step 1: Be professional, prepared, and on time for gigs, interviews, and meetings.
  • Step 2: Pen an anthem or have a signature song. This will set you apart and help rocket you to country music stardom.
  • FACT: Did you know? Johnny Cash recorded more than 1,500 songs in his six-decade career.
  • Step 3: Cultivate an image that reflects who you are. Resist pressure to radically change your image to become more marketable.
  • TIP: Consider retaining an entertainment lawyer before signing any contracts.
  • Step 4: Perform at talent shows, open mic nights, in a gospel choir, and anywhere else you can. Look for bands seeking singers.
  • TIP: Move to Nashville for more opportunities.
  • Step 5: Record a demo CD that you can send to potential managers and record labels. Before sending to labels, though, check their policies; some do not accept demos.
  • Step 6: Write songs about whatever inspires you. The more honest they are, the more the songs will resonate with an audience. Playing an instrument is a bonus.

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