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How To Have a Career As a Stylist

Dream of a more beautiful world? Follow these steps to become a fashion stylist.


  • Step 1: Build a client base. Use networking and competitive rates to get new clients. Style a few friends and use them as free advertising – if anyone compliments them, they'll plug you!
  • Step 2: Keep your finances organized. If you're not comfortable doing financial tasks, hire someone to do them for you.
  • FACT: Did you know? Greek actors used high-heeled shoes as a part of their costumes.
  • TIP: Ask before using someone as a reference.
  • Step 3: Build a portfolio of your best work, and prepare a resume, a list of references, and business cards.
  • Step 4: Work as an intern or assistant for an established stylist. You'll gain valuable experience and make connections in the industry.
  • TIP: Serve multiple internships or assistantships for diverse experience.
  • Step 5: Practice networking. Maintain good relationships with people in the fashion, entertainment, and advertising industries.
  • Step 6: Gain experience through college courses and retail work. Fashion courses and retail experience will help you develop your fashion sense and knowledge.

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