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How to Have a Charlie Brown Christmas

Recapture the true spirit of the season with a Charlie Brown Christmas, inspired by the 1965 television special.


  • Step 1: If anyone you know is writing a letter to Santa, remind them that Christmas is not about how many toys they score, and it's definitely not about asking for money or real estate, as Sally and Lucy seem to think. It's about commemorating the birth of Jesus.
  • Step 2: Remember the words that Linus delivers to the Peanuts gang in _A Charlie Brown Christmas_: Peace, goodwill towards men. Merry Christmas!
  • FACT: The 5-year-old girl who voiced the part of Charlie Brown's sister Sally in _A Charlie Brown Christmas_ couldn't read, so she was fed her lines one at a time.
  • TIP: If a friend leans on you during the holiday season for advice or comfort, don't charge for your services.
  • Step 3: Send personal, heartfelt Christmas greetings to the Charlie Browns in your life -- people who get depressed around this time because they feel the holiday only serves to emphasize how unpopular they are.
  • Step 4: Don't dismiss the sparser trees on the lot: As Linus says, a scraggly tree "just needs a little love." Give the money you save on your sad-looking tree to charity.
  • TIP: Fill in the tree's bald spots with curly ting ting branches, available at craft stores.
  • Step 5: Go ahead and decorate your house to the hilt if that's your thing. Just don't let cutthroat competition with your neighbors, or winning a contest, be your motive for doing so.
  • Step 6: Get a real tree, not an artificial one. And especially not a pink aluminum one, which is what Lucy demands in _A Charlie Brown Christmas_.

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