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How to Have a Creative Wedding

Don’t want a cookie-cutter wedding? Let these ideas inspire you to make your ceremony and reception really creative -- and memorably offbeat.


  • Step 1: Wear whatever you like and, if you have a wedding party, let them do the same. Bridesmaids especially will be grateful if they can wear something they actually want to wear again.
  • Step 2: Mind your manners. A creative wedding should make you and your spouse-to-be happy. Just try not to make your guests cringe in the process.
  • FACT: 15 percent of couples offer a signature cocktail at their wedding reception.
  • Step 3: Having a creative wedding means bucking tradition. Eliminate any rituals you don’t like, like removing the bride’s garter belt, or feeding each other cake. Or put your own twist on them.
  • TIP: According to one survey, 4 times more couples now choose a DJ over a band.
  • Step 4: Ditch the 5-course meal and tiered wedding cake for foods that you love or have special meaning to you. Consider a pancake dinner, a potluck buffet, or anything else you dream up.
  • Step 5: Mix up the music: more couples are replacing the traditional wedding march with modern, upbeat tunes or music mashups that are meaningful to them.
  • Step 6: A creative wedding demands an unusual location. Couples have been married at bowling alleys, fast food restaurants, campgrounds, aquariums -- even underwater.

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